Please veiw

2017-06-04 00:28:54 by Alexfurbal

I don't care where you live please comment on this post #prayforlondon




2017-05-31 14:48:57 by Alexfurbal

Well dang, finished the third song in about an hour, very simple song, but that means I need to start work on your dang preview 1! Expect it in about 2 hours?

Update for Alexfurball & Aspen Leaf

2017-05-30 22:32:59 by Alexfurbal

WOHOO!!!!!!Second song is almost done, expect a preveiw tomorrow!


No, I won't give you the song names yet. Btw, a total of 6 songs should be previewed with 20-40 seconds each time, since the album will have most likely 18 songs. with the final preview being the main song, and that preveiw released while we work on polishing songs.


Vol. 2

2017-05-29 22:49:30 by Alexfurbal

Aspen Leaf and I have started work on the next album, I already know the theme and some of the songs and the name of the album, although, I won't say most info, the only thing I will say is it has to do with some kind of travel, wether it is time or road trip style/ect that is for me to keep hidden till later. For now, I will refer to it as Alexfurball & Aspen Leaf: Vol. 2


2016-06-17 17:04:51 by Alexfurbal

Tomorrow I will post my first song!